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Movember Mustache Necklace - Small

Movember Mustache Necklace - Small

  • $15.00

This necklace is made with hand-cut seal leather from Dildo, Newfoundland and stung on black silver chain. It has a silver toggle clasp and is 18 inches long.

There is such beauty in a seal leather pelt, it has a shiny smooth texture which resembles a glistening stone from the sea. Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans have been hunting seals for hundreds of years now and using every bit of the animal, the meat to feed their families, the bones to carve sculptures and tools with and the leather to keep them warm. We forget to look into the facts sometimes these days and just jump on whatever someone says is true and posts on the internet. There are millions of these beautiful animals in NL so they are by far an endangered species.

These Movember Necklaces are being used to raise money for a very important cause this month, prostate cancer. As you know I will be donating $5 for every necklace sold this month to the Movember Canada Foundation.

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